Monica M. Jackson PhD is a classical archaeologist, author and lecturer specialising in the Mediterranean, Aegean  and Black Sea areas. She has participated in excavations in Greece, Cyprus and further east. Her particular area of research is the study of Hellenistic gold jewellery as chronological evidence. Monica has published and lectured extensively in Australia, USA and England.Topics include jewellery and the luxury arts, cultural heritage, as well as ancient Greek and Near Eastern history, religion and art.

  • BA in Ancient History and Anthropology, The University of Queensland.
  • BA (Hons) in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, The University of Sydney.
  • PhD in Classical Archaeology, The University of Sydney 2000.

Academic Appointments, Fellowships and Memberships
  • Research Associate/Adjunct, School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry, Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, The University of Sydney.         Department of Archaeology/staff/associates
  • Governor, Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens (AAIA).
  • Elected Fellow, Society of Antiquaries of London (FSA) 2007.
  • Secretary of the Executive Board, The Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens (AAIA) .
  • Inaugural Member (by invitation) Advisory Panel, Foundation for International Cultural Diplomacy (London & New York) (2006-2012).
  • Member of The Australasian Society of Classical Studies.
  • Member of the Council, The Society of Friends of the Nicholson Museum, The University of Sydney.
  • Member of the Archaeological Institute of America (NY).
  • Member of The University of Sydney Arts Association.
  • Member of The Society of Jewellery Historians (UK).
  • Member of The American Society of Jewelry Historians.
  • Member of Worldwide Who's Who. Worldwide Who's Who Press Release

Archaeological Experience


Australian Mission Team (1990) Torone, Sithonia (Chalkidiki) Northern Greece. The Lekythos peninsula in backgroun .
Monica Jackson was a student team member (1989-1993) of The University of Sydney's archaeological expeditions to Torone (Chalkidiki, Central Macedonia) Greece (Director, Prof. Alexander Cambitoglou).

Monica sorting pottery - Torone 1991

Australian Mission Team (1991) Torone (Chalkidiki) - Director Prof. Alexander Cambitoglou.
Monica at Mt. Olympus Northern Greece 1991- mosaic floor 


Monica was a student team member (1995-1996) of The University of Sydney's archaeological excavations at the site of the Ancient Theatre of Paphos, Cyprus (Director. 
Prof. J. R. Green)

1995 Team

Senior Team Members

John Tidmarsh, Andrea Rowe, Geoff Stennett, Anita Cvijanovic, Chris Johns, Diana Wood Conroy.

Student Team Members

Anthoulla Vassiliades, Cameron Petrie, Kim Barrett, Emma Devitt, Craig Barker, Holly Cook, Stephen McPhilips, Dori Guitarri, Fiona Herring, Monica Jackson, Margaret Turton, Christie Waddington, Roz Pouw.

The Australian Mission Team (1995) Paphos Cyprus, site of theatre excavations - Director Prof. J. Richard Green.
Prof. J.R. Green and the Australian Mission Team (1995) Paphos, Cyprus theatre.
The Australian Mission Team (1996) Paphos, Cyprus - Director Prof. J. Richard Green.

Research Projects

Georgia - 2005 Monica accompanied the University of Melbourne's archaeological survey team to Mtskheta (ancient capital of Caucasian Iberia) in the Republic of Georgia for research in the archaeological Museums of Tbilisi, Batumi and Vani.

Turkey - 2006 research in the Archaeological Museums of Istanbul, Erzurum, Samsun (ancient Amisos) and Tekirdag, Turkey.

Bulgaria - 2008 and 2011 research in the Archaeological Museums of Sofia and Varna (ancient Odessos) Bulgaria. See: 'News' - "Gold Treasure from Georgia".

Monica Jackson - tumulus tomb entrance, Valley of the Thracian Kings, Shipka, Bulgaria, 2008
Current Project:
Pair gold and carnelian dove earrings from Apulia, Benaki Museum Athens

Athens - Greece - Hellenistic Jewellery in the Benaki Museum. Catalogue and Monograph of the Benaki Museum's collection of Hellenistic gold jewellery. It will be launched both in Sydney and Athens in 2017. The launch at the Benaki Museum Athens will take place on 20 November 2017, in conjunction with an exhibition of Hellenistic jewellery, terracottas and vases.