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Dr Monica M. in Capri

                                               Reviewing the Past

Monica M. Jackson, Kotor, Montenegro. October 2013

Cruises - Guest Lecturer

  • 2013: THE WORLD, Residences at Sea, Istanbul-Kotor (Montenegro) 20 September-4 October 2013.
  •   2010: SWAN HELLENIC: SULEIMAN THE MAGNIFICENT - on board Minerva from Istanbul to Antalya, cruising the Emerald Coast of Turkey. Swan Hellenic Guest Speaker             
  • 2009: HEBRIDEAN CRUISE LINES, on board 'Hebridean Spirit', 2-9 September, "Legendary Greece", cruise through the Peloponnese. Hebridean Cruises_Online Brochure                                                           

                                          You Tube Videos

                                          Radio Interviews      

  • 2012: November 10:20 pm "What Made Alexander Great?" with Phillip Adams                                        ABC Radio National - Late Night Live with Phillip Adams                                                       
  • 2010: ABC 576, By Design (Wednesday 7 July) with presenter Alan Saunders (producer Mark Wakely). In conjunction with the exhibition Beauty and Betrayal: Ancient and Neo-Classical Jewellery at the Nicholson Museum, The University of Sydney (30 June-26 November, 2010). ABC Radio 'By Design' with Alan Saunders
  • 2010: ABC 666 Drive. Thursday 22 July with Adam Shirley, in conjunction with a lecture on jewellery and the dating of the Antikythera Mechanism, for the Friends of the ANU Classics Museum Canberra.     
  • 2006: ABC 702: Morning Live. Wednesday 8 November 2006, with Virginia Trioli. In conjunction with a lecture for Sotheby's Sydney. Castellani Magic: The Lost Art of Italian Archaeological Jewellery.          
Roman gold & garnet earring, Archaeological Museum Naples
  • 2016: Brisbane, 10 June, Roman Jewellery: Status, Beauty, Luxury, in conjunction with the opening night of the exhibition, "Useless Beauty: Luxury and Rome", RD Milns Antiquities Museum, The University of Queensland. RD Milns Antiquities Museum_ The University of Queensland                                                                                                
  •   2014: Sydney, 18 August, Begram Ivories and Tillya Tepe Gold. A lecture revisiting the international exhibition at The Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW), "Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul",  The Queen's Club.
  •    2014: London: 24 June, Beauty and the Greek: Hellenistic Jewellery in the Benaki Museum Athens, UK Society of Jewellery Historians, Burlington House, Royal Academy of Arts. 

Gold & carnelian scarab bracelet, Alfredo Castellani, V&A Coll.

  • 2013: London: 4 July, Classical Inspirations: The Timeless Legacy of Castellani Archaeological and Revivalist jewelleryHockhauser Auditorium, Victoria & Albert Museum. V&A Classical-inspirations-Castellani jewellery                                                                                                                     
  • The rise of the Castellani, a 19th century Roman family of goldsmiths and jewellers, is one of the most fascinating and compelling stories in the long history of jewellery and the luxury arts. This lecture discusses the remarkable achievements of the family in reviving and replicating the jewellery styles and techniques of the ancient Etruscans, Greeks, Egyptians and Romans. In this lecture the fortunes of the Castellani family and those who worked in their orbit, are retraced against the background of 19th century European Grand Tourism and the turbulent political events that resulted in the unification of Italy. 
    • 2013: Sydney: 17 April, The Hidden Techniques of the Macedonian Goldsmiths, in conjunction with the international exhibition from the Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, "Alexander - 2000 Years of Treasures" (24 November 2012 - 28 April 2013) Australian Museum Conqueror talks-Macedonian goldsmiths                   
    • 2013: Sydney: 3 March, The Journey of Ancient Gold, in conjunction with the international exhibition from the Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, "Alexander - 2000 Years of Treasures" (24 November 2012 - 28 April 2013) Australian Museum. Conquerer talks - Australian Museum                                                           
    • 2013: Sydney: 28 February, Dancing With Satyrs: Picasso and the Mythology of Ancient Greece, The Nicholson Museum, The University of Sydney. 
    • 2012: London: 4 October, Jewellery from the Antikythera Shipwreck: New Chronological Evidence, Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, The Royal Academy of Arts. YouTube-Antikythera Lecture Society of Antiquaries
    •  Late Hellenistic jewellery from the Antikythera shipwreck: new chronological evidence’, Monica M. Jackson FSA

    • 2012: London: 2 October, A Buried Jewellery Hoard on the Island of Delos and an Ancient Roman Shipwreck, Gemmological Association of Great Britain, 21 Ely Place. 

    • 2011: Sydney: 14 December, Special Lecture: Picasso Art and Eros, in conjunction with the exhibition "Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris (12 November 2011- 25 March 2012). Domain Theatre, The Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW). This lecture discusses why Eros  the Greek god of love, has always been one of the fundamental impulses behind the creative activity of artists and the driving force behind the art of Picasso. Art Gallery.NSW Picasso-Art-and-Eros
    Diana Singer and Monica M. Jackson

    • 2011: Sydney17 August, Mystery and Magnificence: The Lure of Etruscan Gold  Jewellery, The Nicholson Museum, The University of  Sydney.                                                           
    • 2010: Sydney: 11 February, Cultural Property: Looting and Repatriation in the XXI   Century, Guest Speaker Dinner, The Queen's Club.

    • 2010: Canberra: 22 July, The Antikythera Shipwreck: Dating an Ancient Computer Using Jewellery Evidence.  Friends of the Classics Museum, Australian National University (ANU). 
    • 2010: Brisbane: 22 April, Afghanistan: The Rediscovered Treasures of Ancient Bactria, The University of Queensland.
    • 2008: Sydney: 3 May, Art & Eros, Benevolent Society Guest Speaker Dinner, The Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW). 
    • 2008: Sydney, 13 November, Guest Speaker Luncheon: ‘Conversations in the Red Room’, The Union Club.
    • 2008: Sydney:18 October, Afghanistan: The Treasures of Ancient Bactria Recovered,  Saturday history course: "Distant Horizons: From Persepolis to Samarkand and Beyond", Domain Theatre, The Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW).
    • 2008: Sydney: 17 July, Castellani Genius: The Lost Art of Italian Archaeological Jewellery. The 2008 Annual Alexander Cambitoglou Lecture, in conjunction with the exhibition, "Classical Fantasies: The Art of South Italy" (13 April - 31 December 2008), The Nicholson Museum, The University of Sydney. 2008 Annual Alexander Cambitoglou Lecture                                                                    
    • 2007: Sydney: 8 August, Castellani Magic: The Lost Art of Italian Archaeological Jewellery, Royal Sydney Golf Club
    • 2007: Sydney: 4 AugustPersian Opulence: The Art of the Jeweller, Study Day: Domain Theatre, The Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW) Sydney.
    • 2006: Sydney: 7 September, Glorious Gold: The Mysterious Techniques of the Ancient Jewellers, The Queen's Club. 
    • 2005: Sydney: 17 November, Royalty, Romance and Revenge: Jewellery from the Age of Alexander the Great, The Friends of the Nicholson Museum Christmas Party, The University of Sydney. Gold! Gold! Gold! -Museums past-issues/news.
    • 2005: London: 27 September, Hellenistic Gold Jewellery: The Significance of the New, The Society of Jewellery Historians, Burlington House, The Royal Academy  of Arts  
    • 2005: Sydney, Saturday 4 June, Golden Treasures from the Benaki Museum. In conjunction with the exhibition, "Greek Treasures: from the Benaki Museum in Athens" (5 May - 4 September 2005), The Powerhouse Museum. Powerhouse Museum.AUTUMN_05.pdf
    • 2005 Sydney: 21 April, Hellenistic Gold Jewellery:The Shock of the New. Two lectures to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Australian Decorative Fine Arts Society (ADFAS), Chauvel Cinema. 
    • 2005: Sydney: 7 April, Royalty Romance and Revenge: Jewellery from the Age of Alexander the Great, The Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW). 
    • 2005: Sydney: 8 March, Royalty, Romance and Revenge: Jewellery from the Age of Alexander the Great, The Queen's Club.
    • 2004: Sydney: 14 October, From Helen of Troy to Cleopatra: Bejewelled Beauties of the Ancients, The Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW). 


                            Conferences and Seminar Papers
    • 2010: Varna: 23-25 October, “The Christian Element in Anglo-Saxon Hoards”, International Conference of Archaeology, 'Reflections of Faith: Christian Architecture and the Arts 4th-5th Centuries AD', Varna Regional Museum of History, Bulgaria.
    •  2009: Istanbul: 14-18 September, From Vani to Varna: Late Classical Jewellery Reconsidered, Fourth International Congress on Black Sea Antiquities, 'The Bosporus: Gateway between the Ancient West and East' (1st Millennium BC-5th Century AD) Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Eurasia Institute, Istanbul, Turkey. 4th-International Congress-Black Sea Antiquities-Istanbul University                          
    • 2008: Sydney: 5th March, Allocating Cultural Objects to Modern Political Units: Stylistic Migration and the Fuidity of Ancient Frontiers, The Institute of Art and Law, London & New York,  Seminar: 'Repatriation, Deaccessioning and the Integrity of Museum and Archive Collections'. Elginism Seminar_Repatriation in Australia             
    • 2007: Pecs: 11-13 July, In the Shadow of the Tombaroli: Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in the 21st Century. Conference:  'Portable Antiquities and Archaeological Looting within the Enlarged European Community: Law, Ethics and Policy', The University of Pecs, Hungary.                                                                                        
    • 2006: Sydney: 3-7 December, Stylistic Influences of Coins on Jewellery from the Eastern Mediterranean to Bactria, The Oriental Society of Australia (OSA) The University of Sydney. Conference panel discussion: ‘Numismatics of the Orient: Current Research Issues’ at the Fiftieth Anniversary Conference:- 'World Without Walls, East and West: 21st Century Perspectives'.

    Gold pectoral with sardonyx cameo of King Eukratides, Shiberghan, Afghanistan